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Resolving a FB Ads Payment Issue

The Issue:

  • Client unable to add or remove payments on a new prepaid account.
  • Encountered error message: “Ad account disabled. We were unable to place a temporary hold on your card. try again, or update your default payment method. if you try again, make sure that your card has sufficient funds first.”
  • The problem originated from multiple failed billing attempts.


Generally, creating a new ad account is a commonly adopted approach, as getting assistance on these type of cases can sometimes be challenging.

But this time, opted to reach out to the Facebook team for support, considering the account was active and the issue was specifically related to billing.

Thought, “Why not give it a try?” before resorting to the creation of a new account.


Received unexpected and commendable support from the Facebook team.

The billing issue was efficiently addressed and resolved, eliminating the need for a new account.

You can contact their Support Team here –