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Unlock the Power of Social Media Advertising

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Coaches, do you face any of these?

If your answer is YES! to any one of the above questions, I have a powerful solution for all your Problems. 

In today’s digital world, selling your courses can be an overwhelming task. The struggle to attract students, the confusion of launching an online coaching program, the frustration with ineffective courses, we know it all too well. It’s time for a change!

We’re offering an exclusive, 5-Day LIVE Workshop on Facebook Ads, designed specifically for coaches and course creators like you. In this workshop, we’ll guide you through targeting your audience, preparing your ads, and launching successful campaigns.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to consistently enroll 30-50 students every week for your courses. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of social media advertising and how to leverage it for your business growth.

In this workshop, you'll learn:

Day 1. Introduction to Facebook Ads

Day 2. Find and Validate your Niche using AI

Day 3. Creating your Ad copy and Ad Video Script with AI

Day 4. Launching and optimizing your ad campaigns

Day 5. Basics of sales for Converting Leads into Customers



There’s no shortage of training programs out there promising to help you grow your coaching business. So, what makes our 5-Day Workshop stand out from the rest?

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I strongly recommend this, if you are:
  • Educators, Trainers, Coaches & Speakers: This webinar is perfect if you educate, train, or coach in areas like spoken English, stock market training, handwriting, numerology, confidence coaching, business coaching, or anything you are expert at. If you’re a speaker with a unique skill, we’ll show you how to market it effectively to the world, leverage paid traffic, and secure a consistent stream of customers.

  • Professionals: If you work in IT, digital marketing, or any professional field and are seeking growth and innovation, this webinar will guide you in building a successful online business that demands less effort but provides substantial returns.

  • Entrepreneurs: From entry-level to seasoned digital entrepreneurs, this webinar is a stepping stone to building a profitable online business without disrupting your current work.

  • Consultants: This webinar is a treasure trove if you offer consulting services and are looking to attract more clients and level up your marketing strategies.

  • Digital Service Providers, Agency Owners, Freelancers: Those providing digital services or running a digital agency will benefit from the webinar’s insights to expand their client base and optimize their marketing approaches.

  • Ambitious Individuals: Graduates ready for challenges or anyone driven to build a thriving digital business, this webinar is your ticket to success.

This webinar is designed for anyone ready to explore the immense possibilities of online marketing for their business or career. Let’s step into the future together!

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Client's Speak

He is very dedicated and honest. He patiently explains all your doubts. He educates his clients, speaks the truth, he does not show an unrealistic picture. He delivers what he promises. He is very much dependable. He is very analytical, practical, and result-oriented. I strongly recommend him to any business owner.
Dr.Vivekanand Rayapeddi
CEO, Royal Soft Skills Campus
Pankaj is a wonderful person to work with. His in-depth knowledge about Digital marketing, problem-solving and enthusiasm to reach goals is admirable. He runs and manages Facebook ads like a pro. He sets up the campaigns perfectly to get consistent leads and can also scale the campaigns at ease. Highly recommened!
Mr.Anand Agarwal
CEO, Manik Advertisers
A wonderful experience. Pankaj sir is great with a very nice way on interacting. This company provides me the information about various online tools, strategies and planning for the best techniques for online courses. Thank you for all your cooperation.
Mr.Avijit Roy
CEO, Avijit Music Tutorials
Mr.Pankaj Agarwal is an excellent trainer. I've attended his earlier sessions on FB marketing. He delivers only subject that too in an interesting way. I've experience 'No hype-Only Quality' sessions. Great go Mr.Pankaj. All the best.
Mr.Rajesh Bharadwaj
CEO, ITForce Training Solutions Pvt.Ltd

Success Stories

How He Generated Rs 1.2 crores In Sales By Teaching Singing with 410% ROI

Avijit was told that it was difficult to sell his singing classes via digital marketing. He was trying third party platforms like Urbanpro where he was not getting good results. After the intervention of Pankaj Agarwal, revenues shot up to Rs 6 Lakhs within 3 months of starting. He crossed Rs 1.2 crores in sales in 24 months with a whopping 410% return on ad spends. Today, he is running his academy successfully. 

Soft Skills Trainer Made Made 358% Returns On His Ad Spends

“I have burned my fingers from various marketing agencies” – these were the exact words used by Dr Vivekanand. 

He was looking for a trustworthy agency and Pankaj was his last resort. He had zero revenue when he joined Pankaj. In his testimonials, he mentioned that Pankaj is the only marketer who had brought in the right quality of leads.

Furthermore, he made 358% returns on his ad spends while teaching Soft Skills to professionals. 

Handwriting Trainer Generated Rs 51+ Lakhs Of Sales Within 17 Months with 3.5x ROAS

Take Shalini Jha as an example. She is a Handwriting Trainer. When she came to Pankaj , she was almost completely out of business due to the pandemic. 
In her own words, “Whatever he says, he helps you achieve that”.

In her first 30 days, she earned a revenue of Rs 1.82 Lakhs, crossed 10 Lakhs in just 5 months and crossed 50 Lakhs within 17 months. She is not only making good money, but is enjoying her work and life like never before!

Successfully scaled his Numerology coaching business online with ads

Mr. Vikrant Subaash is a Digital Age Holistic Numerology and Vaastu Expert Coach and Consultant, who is also the founder of Master Numero Vaastu. He is happily conducting his weekly webinars to sell his numerology programs and help out his students to master numerology and vaastu.

Achieved 8 Lakhs in sales by with 800% return on ad spends in just 4 months of launching

Pooja joined us 4 months back with the aim to grow her Forgiveness healing sessions using online ad platforms by conducting webinars and workshops. After working for 4 months with us, she has crossed 8 Lakhs in revenue with a whopping 800% return on her ad spends.

170 High ticket sales in just 7 days

“Fantastic training program for all entpreneurs who wants to leverage advertisment to gain leads, sales and convert them into a lifelong customers. Detailed step by step program”

Gets 5-10 Customers every single day for his Stock Market program

He was looking for a method to get regular leads and sales for his programs. He joined our program and implemented the systems taught by us. Now he is getting sales regularly and doesn’t have to think where to get his next client from.

Started getting clients for his Excel training program using ads

“Pankaj has practical experience working with Facebook ads. He has us explained us step-by-step not just the theory but it was full of practical sessions”

Pankaj is always there to support when ever his mentee needs him

“I was looking for somebody who could literally hold my hand and give personal attention to get things implemented. I joined Pankaj’s batch and where ever we are stuck, he is always there to handhold. If you want to launch your course, definitely I would recommend Pankaj. Thank you so much for listening.”

Quitted His Job By Starting His Own Digital Marketing Agency

Mr Akankshu is a TEDX speaker and a parenting coach. With us, he was able to quit his job by starting his own digital marketing agency.

Ad Results people achieved using this system

Generated 500+ Leads for FREE Workshop @ Rs.12 per Lead

Generated Over 12,000+ Leads for FREE Workshop @ Rs 10.48 per Lead

Generated 500+ Leads for FREE Workshop @ Rs.18 per Lead


Q: Who is this webinar for?

A: This webinar is for aspiring coaches looking to start their own online coaching business, and for established coaches who want to grow their audience and increase their profits.

Q: I’m not very tech-savvy. Can I still benefit from this webinar?

A: Absolutely! This webinar simplifies the tech aspect, so it won’t hinder your coaching success. We’re here to make sure that technology empowers your coaching journey, not complicates it.

Q: I’m new to selling. Will this webinar help?

A: Yes, it will. This webinar includes effective strategies that help you overcome the fear of selling. You’ll learn how to confidently and successfully sell your coaching services.

Q: What will I gain from this webinar?

A: This webinar is designed to help you attract the right people to your coaching business and secure steady profits, enabling you to focus purely on coaching.

Q: How is this webinar delivered?

A: The webinar is delivered online. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link where you can join us live at the scheduled time.

Q: How soon can I apply what I learn from this webinar?

A: You can start applying the strategies and techniques you learn from this webinar immediately! How quickly you see results may depend on various factors, including your starting point, your dedication, and the speed at which you implement what you learn.

Q: What if I have questions during the webinar?

A: We encourage active participation. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session at the end of the webinar. Our goal is to ensure you walk away with clear, actionable insights.

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Instead, visualize a stream of enthusiastic attendees, eager to find a coach who can solve their problems – a coach just like you.

So, what are you waiting for? The time to transform your coaching career is now.

We’re with you every step of the way.

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